Xerus Medical is a Vancouver, BC-based company that aims to transform acute care hospital clinical quality improvement by providing the software tools that enable the Learning Health System (LHS).

We start with addressing one of the big deficiencies of the patient journey: the paucity of systematic and objective patient centric data on which to base wise clinical decisions. 

                   "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Therapeutic interventions should be guided by robust patient focused information. Using data obtained from various data streams we strive to give stakeholders the scientifically valid information they need to make clinical decisions that consistently and objectively improve the quality of care. Ultimately having a better understanding of our patients is essential if we are to judiciously allocate healthcare resources.  


We at Xerus believe superior clinical pattern recognition is fundamental to traditional diagnostic expertise. Computers excel at pattern recognition but that they cannot easily use the analogue patterns on which humans base much of their clinical acumen. Computers on the other hand are very good at other types of pattern recognition where humans will always do poorly. We want to synergistically leverage the best of human and machine based pattern recognition.

Xerus Medical was founded by Dr. Jean Gelinas, an anesthesiologist and intensivist, who has long felt that constantly implementing new and improved therapeutics without meaningful feedback mechanisms was, at best, inefficient and that modern technological innovations will radically change the way patients are diagnosed and treated. 

Derek Ho, leads product development, and navigates the intersection of clinical requirements and technical possibilities in order to bring about successful products.