Solution delivers on the promise of the EHR

Automates the entire continuous QI life-cycle

Traditional medical quality improvement is laborious and error-prone.  Well-intentioned doctors who initiate quality improvement projects typically spend hours struggling to understand hard-to-manage spreadsheets and have very limited data science or IT support. QI projects often tend to be one-time efforts, and therefore, only a very small percentage of patients get the opportunity to provide objective feedback to the care team.

With the widespread adoption of EHRs the collection of data becomes much easier.  The new emerging bottleneck for clinicians is knowing how to manage, interpret and make clinical sense of all of the newly available data that EHRs provide. However, modern EHRs used in the US and Canada, are designed with a primary objective of tracking billing and optimizing cost recovery, rather than patient-centric QI.

The Xerus Quality Improvement Platform consists of a suite of self-serve tools that support and automate clinical data analytics and the quality improvement process, and overlays on top of existing EHRs.  Our tools eliminate the laboriousness of collecting, cleaning and analyzing data. We automatically process various data streams, including patient-centric EHR data, patient reported outcomes, personal device sensor data and various online data streams (e.g., environmental).   We use a combination of heuristic and artificial intelligence (AI) approaches in our analytics, as we understand the value of synergistically leveraging both human and machine derived clinical insights. Finally, our tools facilitate and expedite the inherently human processes that are encapsulated in the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) quality improvement framework.

Our system is built around the patient and the clinical user -- not billing, not administration.  We incorporate human-centred design and create intuitive user interfaces that allow clinicians to easily understand their patients, including contextualizing their data in longitudinal records and visualizations.